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Vertical Diaphragm Pressure Tank

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No-negative Pressure Tank


Operating principle

Diaphragm pressure tank is an energy storage device consists of steel shell and the rubber diaphragm tank,rubber diaphragm separates the water room and air room completely, when the external pressure of the water filling the diaphragm tank, the sealed air of the tank is compressed.According to the law of Boyle gas, gas volume become smaller when it is compressed, pressure to store energy, compressed gas expansion can push the water out of tank.


Diaphragm pressure tank is widely used central air conditioning circulating water regulator, evaporate the water supply system, heating system circulating water filling water regulator, hydrating zener fire water supply system, frequency conversion water supply voltage regulator, filling water of boiler, pressure type water supply, etc.


1. To ensure the water tank internal membrane structure not in contact with the tank wall, so no rust inside the tank wall, external condensation phenomenon, greatly extend the service life.

2. The rubber diaphragm can relax more than 200000 times, after filling can be use for a long time.

3. Gentle and water pressure fluctuation in the system can effectively reduce the start-stop frequency of the pump.

4. The diaphragm for food grade natural rubber diaphragm can be applied in the drinking water system.

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