The difference between Self-priming pump and centrifugal pump

In need of self-priming function of the working conditions, self-priming pump better than centrifugal pump. Self-priming centrifugal pumps are axial back to the liquid pump structure. The centrifugal pump consists of a suction chamber, a liquid storage chamber, a scroll chamber, a liquid return chamber, a gas-liquid separation chamber and the like. After the normal start of the centrifugal pump, the impeller sucks in the liquid in the suction chamber and the air in the suction pipe, The impeller...

Pump for pumping oil be divided into rod pumping unit, Rod-type pump

Tubular pump, also called tubing pump, is characterized by the outer tube, bushing and suction valve assembled in the ground and then connected to the lower part of the tubing first into the well, and then with the exhaust valve with the sucker rod through the tubing down into the pump. fire pump Bushing from the material processed into a number of sections, lining the outer cylinder inside. Pistons are made of seamless steel hollow cylinder, the outer surface with a smooth circular groove, t...

Different pump start-up characteristics, such as axial pumps,mixed-flow pumps,vortex pumps

Fire pump group start is a light load in terms of prime mover start, under normal circumstances will not start any problem. However, for some large units, due to the inertia of the unit, starting difficult, start a larger start current, pay attention to start the way, then the power grid or motor damage. Therefore, the start-up characteristics of different types of pumps should be taken seriously. 1, the starting characteristics of the vortex pump - open the valve to start Vortex pump in the...

15 recommendations of sewage pump maintenance and repair

About sewage pump maintenance and repair, sewage pump without clogging the pump belonging to one of a variety of forms: such as diving and dry two kinds, is currently the most commonly WQ submersible sewage submersible pumps, the most common dry sewage pump such as W-type horizontal sewage pumps and WL type vertical sewage pump two kinds. fire fighting pumps Mainly used to transport urban sewage, manure or liquid medium containing fiber, paper and other solid particles, the temperature of the...

After 15 days, the 40-foot high cabinet diesel fire pumps have successful exported to Kenya

diesel engines fire pump
Zhejiang Better Pump Co., Ltd. export group of goods to Kenya including diesel fire pumps, fire water supply equipment, fire pumps, fire booster regulator device, fire control cabinet, valves, etc. 4 sets of automatic fire sprinkler feed pump 90kW voltage 415V / 50Hz, 2 sets with star delta starter control cabinet, the control cabinet according to customer requirements, to be linked with the diesel fire pumps, achieve mutual backup function.                       Diesel Fire Pump XBC12...