About Us

The company’s main products are submersible fire pump, city emergency drainage pumps, diesel fire pumps, gas top pressure fire water supply equipment, catering oil-water separation equipment, tank fire booster pump integrated regulator water supply equipment, B series submersible sewage pump, AST Building Civil dedicated sewage pump series, WQ, QW series submersible sewage pump, ISG, IRG, IHG, ISGD series vertical pipeline pump, ISW, ISWD series of horizontal centrifugal pumps, DL Vertical multi-stage pump, GDL type will be demolished multi-stage pipeline pump, LG, LG-B type will be demolished high-rise building water supply multi-stage pumps. The company’s main products are in line with high-tech fields supported by the state.


Main products: diesel engine fire pump group, fire-fighting constant pressure water supply equip ment is well applied to fire-fighting industry. Centrifugal pump, pipeline pump. Sewage pump and self-priming pump are applied to wastewater treatment industry. We also produce Y2, YX3, YE3, YB2, and YB3 high efficiency motors. Our products are well sold around China and long exported to Russia, Malaysia Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa.


Quality Control
Our quality control department is composed of experienced and expert inspectors who have been involved in the industry for many years. Our inspection equipments contain motor microcomputer inspection devices for pump and smart motor factory test automatic test system. We guarantee that our products are of the best.

Research & Development
we have an ellte technical team of international and domestic talents that has the ability to research, develop and design products according to our customers’ specific requirements. The experience of cooperating with many renowned companies such as HYUDNAI enables us to have the capacity develop products reaching intermational standards.
Unique Features
Precision is one of the most important features of machine related products, so every detail is carefully considered to ensure that our products are of the finest quality. Our products are surable to be used for many years, and some of them can be used to purlfy polluted water, so it also equipped with the function of environment protection. IMGP6649

Various Applications
Our main products are include a wide range of pumps and machinery parts. we have various sewage pumps, fire pumps and chemical pumps which are mainly used in sewage treatment and fire protection engineering industries. they are also suitable to other industries that require industries grade pumps.
Thoughtful Service

From your initial consult to after sales, our professional service staff will never let you down. We can recommend and design products to sult your requirements. We will continuously track the production process to keep you updated. We also offer a one-year free maintenance. If you have any question, please call and our customer service team will help you in every day.

After more than 10 years development, BETTER PUMP has won awards including all kinds of certificates awards by governments institutional and society. As we have professional R&D team, our products has got the Certificate of Utility Model Patent and Certificate of Design Patent. And our factory has got Production License, authentication from SGS, Export License from government.

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We are also have many honor, the enterprise of Vice Chairman of Quzhou Network Association, the cooperative enterprise with Quzhou colleges and universities. We are also a member of Wenzhou Commerce, Quzhou disabled people internship foundation. All of our products accord with machinery industries standard JB/T5118-2001.